In a few words…


JASE Reporting Solutions prepares and develops computer solutions associated with dedicated services intended for professionals of the financial world (Asset management, Bank and Insurance).

Created in 2017, JASE Reporting Solutions originated from our knowledge of the desktop publishing world associated with strong business experience using the latest technological developments and quality services, calling when needed on relevant and recognised partners.

JASE Reporting Solutions is in the business of supporting its clients for the long term by positioning itself as a partner providing tools and services that easily supplement your company’s DNA.


Innovation : To maintain continuous technological progress, JASE Reporting Solutions invests in Research and Development and constantly challenges itself to create the tools of tomorrow.

Expertise : JASE Reporting Solutions surrounds itself and relies on experienced and recognised employees and partners to provide its clients with the best tools and services.

Excellence : “Doing it and doing it well, or not doing it” is the motto of JASE Reporting Solutions to provide you with quality products, services and expertise.

Confiance : Being your partner above all means establishing a relationship of trust to progress together for the long term.



  • A constant regulatory avalanche for more than 10 years and even more to come
  • Increasingly standardised and complex documents, reports and calculations
  • Ever stronger interaction between computational work and reporting
  • All financial players (Banks, Insurance, Management companies, etc.) are impacted
  • Production of these reports becoming imperative from a business point of view, beyond regulatory requirements
  • Ever shorter production lead times


  • Ageing products (8 to 10 years on average)
  • Products that are little or not user-friendly and intuitive to meet highly changeable regulations
  •  Products dedicated to regulatory reporting or business reporting but little or not a tool combining these two requirements in a document management database (GED)
  • Chemistry not yet found that combines products/services/skills (PSC)

A challenge and solutions!

We propose responding to these findings through an innovative desktop publishing solution and services that enable management of all documents produced or to be produced, all in a single application :

  • Total and continuous accessibility, on all media
  • Simple and intuitive use and learning curve
  • User-friendliness that meets all current requirements
  • A collaborative and flexible application that enables real teamwork in real time
  • Set up with very quick incorporation of existing documents
  • Personalisation of documents (when possible) at the heart of an industrial production
  • A document repository to store all your documents produced with or without the solution
  • The Guarantee of Security, Traceability and Transparency