Our dedicated solutions and services

JASE Reporting Solutions provides you with a cloud application to produce, store, archive and broadcast your overall documents and regulatory, legal and commercial reporting. We have combined to our solutions some services (Risk Management Solutions, legal advice, regulatory watch) helping you to outsource all or part of your production.
We are committed to developing the latest generation products, user-friendly and multi-support on servers that comply with the latest European security standards.
The associated services have been the subject of an in-depth study in order to select best partners and qualified emplyees, each recognized in their field.

Our purposes

Reporting solutions
With JASE Reporting Solutions you have the flexibility to generate, store and personalise all kind of reports or documents, within a single solution
  • Legal and administrative funds life
    As required, our lawyer can provide you advise or support to compensate an increase of your activity.
  • Risk Management Solutions
    We offer quantitative risk management services to many clients, banks, and management companies (AIFMD, UCITS, SCR Market, SRI, performance, etc...)
  • Compliance and internal control
    Regulatory oversight, assistance with internal control, training your employees, etc...
  • Strategic marketing advice
    Strategic advice of your company to be in line with the objectives of your customers.
  • Translation
    Translators who are specialized in your businesses.
  • Visual identity
    Rebranding, visual identity, logos, Factsheet, etc... Be attractive!

With JASE Reporting Solutions,

You have the flexibility to generate, store and personalise all types of reports or documents, all in a single solution :

  • Prospectuses of your investment vehicles
  • Annual reports
  • Management reports (Factsheet, Institutional Reports, etc…)
  • Reports of the AIFMD Form, AMPERE Club, etc., type
  • All specific documents or reports

JASE Reporting Solutions allows you to self-manage internal and external access to your documents and control of your products’ collaboration.

JASE Reporting Solutions can take care of all production of your documents, manage any translations and their dissemination.

The client remains the coordinator of the production process, from data provision, to final control and validation.